Our History

Elite History Founded on Family Values


Elite Roofing has a rich Canadian heritage than stretches nearly six decades and three generations. For 20 years, its founder, Abram Glowinsky, worked as a roofer and tinsmith in Lodz, Poland, where he, most notably, constructed the copper roof on the city’s courthouse.

In search of better prospects for his family following World War II, Abram immigrated to Toronto, Canada, in 1948. After a short adjustment period for the family, Abram, with his wife Bina and daughter-in-law Sarah, founded Elite Roofing in 1956.

Abram’s children were exposed to the family business from their earliest stages of development, so it came as no surprise when Isaac “Ike” Glowinsky, Abram’s son, joined Elite Roofing in 1961. Three years later, the company was incorporated in the province of Ontario.

As Elite Roofing established a loyal customer base throughout the Greater Toronto Area and continued to flourish, Abram brought his older son, Harry Glowinsky, on board in 1968 to help facilitate the company’s growth.

Abram started out installing eavestroughs and downpipes then moved on to the installation of residential flat roofs in Don Mills. Eventually he landed a series of projects in St. James Town to install flat roofs on high rise apartment buildings in the 1960’s. The company built on its early success and entered the commercial and industrial roofing sector when the construction of new apartment buildings slowed with the introduction of rent controls on residential properties in 1972.

At the same time, Abram’s grandchildren were maturing and inadvertently influenced by the family cohesion they observed as their elders committed to the enhancement of Elite Roofing and its customers.

In 1995, Howard Glowinsky, grandson of Abram and son of Isaac, joined Elite Roofing, which today installs more than one million square feet of roofing a year. Despite the company’s growth, its humble beginnings have not been forgotten, as Abram’s family—and now extended family—keeps his dream alive and his family values unwavering.

To this day, Elite Roofing prides itself on its ability to cover a wide segment of the commercial/industrial market to ensure that our crews are busy when there is a slow down in one sector of the real estate market.