Third Party Coordination

Third Party Coordination-02 Raised solar sub-structure with clearanceElite Roofing takes full responsibility for getting the job done. If your roofing issue requires third-party labour—a plumber, HVAC specialist, welding contractor, etc.—we will use our connections to contract the services of a reputable and fair tradesman. In addition to coordinating his work and schedule, we will provide you with one final bill, eliminating unnecessary headaches.

Third Party Coordination-03 Work at site of HVAC unit that was craned off the roofElite Roofing also coordinates with installers of a variety of roof penetrations—including skylights, exhaust fans, heating and air conditioning units, plumbing and heating exhaust vent stacks, paint booth exhaust chimneys, as well as solar and cellular equipment—to ensure your roof is sealed watertight after the installation and the apparatus won’t cause leaks in the future.

Third Party Coordination-01 Solar panelsOur team has been involved in the construction of over a dozen solar PV roof projects. We have experience in installing various types of penetrating brackets used to mount solar racking systems and have worked with solar contractors to complete roof repairs on roofs with active solar PV sites.

Contact us  for more information on our project coordination services.

Third Party Coordination-07 Roof buggy to move cooling tower
Third Party Coordination-06 Craning of material to the roof
Third Party Coordination-04 interior tarping with cloth
Third Party Coordination-05 Interior tarping with poly


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