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Sheet metal-05Elite Roofing specializes in the timely manufacture and safe installation of quality sheet metal copings, drip edge and counter flashings. With our in-house sheet metal fabrication shop, Elite Roofing customizes its metal to the exact measurement of each roof it services. Our metal is sourced from local suppliers in Series 8000, pre-painted steel in appropriate gauges.

Our crews have been involved in the renovation of existing buildings including façade upgrades where existing retail plazas are substantially renovated with new higher front elevations and resulting metal cladding and coping construction on the new building parapet walls and structural supports.





After - Front View

After – Front View

The team determines the most suitable underlayment and venting needs for each project.

Our sheet metal staff is trained on operating various types of aerial lifts to enhance our range of service offerings by accessing hard to reach building elevations.

Sheet metal-01Sealants are carefully chosen to ensure long term adhesion and resistance to cracking from suppliers such as Tremco, Chem Link and Dow Corning. We install penetrating and non-penetrating snow guards and railing systems to engineered specifications to prevent falling snow and ice from roofs to sidewalks and traffic areas below.

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