Replacement & Recovery

Replacement & Recovery-04When preventative maintenance and damage repairs are no longer sufficient to protect the interior of your building, Elite Roofing will work with you to select a replacement roofing system that meets all of your objectives.

As replacing a roof can be costly, we are happy to provide an initial inspection in which we divide your project into sections, prioritizing the problem areas for immediate focus. If your roof has multiple areas of concern, we will provide you with today’s hard cost and tomorrow’s budget numbers. Working within your budgetary means, we offer innovative financing, billing plans and scheduling solutions to ensure you get the greatest amount of service for your money.

Replacement & Recovery-03Our in-house trailer mounted industrial vacuum is used to ensure that there
is a minimum amount of dust left on the original roof surface and that all loose ballast is removed cleanly and efficiently directly into a disposal bin from the roof without any manual hoisting.

As part of the Elite Advantage we inspect standing water on the roof 48-72 hours after a rainfall to identify the need for additional drains and/or sloped insulation. We use reputable service plumbers to provide drain connections, if and as needed.

Replacement & Recovery-02Roof replacement isn’t the only option for a roofing system approaching the end of its life. Elite Roofing also offers roof recovery services, where feasible, in which we install a new roofing membrane over top of the existing assembly without removing the existing membrane.

Replacement & Recovery-01Contact us for more information on roof replacement services or to find out if roof recovery is a viable long-term alternative for your roof.



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