“Only qualified and knowledgeable roofing professionals are capable of evaluating the condition of the roof and determining the appropriate maintenance required.”
— Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association

Repairs-01  Repair almost complete prior to installation of pea gravelElite Roofing is on call 24 hours a day to respond to roof leaks and provide after-hours emergency service. Immediately notified when a distress call is made, our service crew swiftly arrives on the scene and assesses your roofing situation. After determining the problem, if a small repair is required, we will permanently fix the leak on the spot. For larger repairs, we will provide a temporary fix, and then submit a detailed quote for permanent repairs.


Many of our initial service calls are related to items other than the roof. We have found and can address problems relating to all of the following items:

  • Roof drainage
  • Roof mounted equipment
  • Building envelope
  • Exterior wall systems

For emergency repairs, we have the technology in place to respond promptly to an email, or you can call us at 905-669-2929 or 416-743-1908. Our service hotline is monitored 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

Repairs-02  Identifying areas of concern

Repairs-03 core test sample showing wet insulation


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