Inspection & Preventative Maintenance

“Since the roof is an integral part of the building envelope, it needs to be routinely inspected and maintained to ensure an optimal service life.” 
— Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association

Elite Roofing provides full inspection services and official reports for property buyers and sellers, as well as building owners needing to know the present condition of a roof. Our experience in real estate property management gives us a unique insight on ancillary areas of concern for purchasers and vendors. Through comprehensive onsite examination and scrupulous research of the roof’s maintenance history, we accurately deduce the roof’s remaining lifespan, which can be a determining factor in assessing the property’s worth.

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Using AutoCAD, a specialized computer software application, we precisely measure the most complex roofing designs and create an intricate 2D drawing to scale. We also perform a thorough walkthrough of the interior of a building to determine the extent of damage. Finally, in addition to a comprehensive report, our customers receive a birds-eye view drawing of the roof, as well as short-term outlooks and long-term recommendations, including a detailed cost breakdown. Digital photos identifying problem areas and support for recommendations complete the report.


If required, we can also perform core test samples when there is concern for additional information regarding the roof assembly or simply to substantiate an opinion or recommendation.

We have third party consultants that will perform infrared scans to identify “hot spots” or roof areas of elevated temperatures. Any such areas need to be confirmed using a roof moisture probe since false readings are always possible.

This service is available from spring to late fall:

  • When temperatures permit
  • The roof is dry
  • Is not available on single ply or inverted roof membranes.

Elite Roofing offers customized maintenance contracts, using the results of an inspection to provide corrective measures at least twice a year, reducing the number of urgent repairs and affording our customers peace of mind.

Contact us to take advantage of our meticulous inspection services and in-depth reports.


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